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Welcome to the 112 EXPO Portal!

The Portal contains all necessary information concerning 112 EXPO Fair presenting a number of innovations this year within the exhibiting range, Accompanying Programme, as well as B2B information.

We have significantly improved the pre-fair B2B activities and fair communication in business networking, through registration of exhibitors and visitors alike. After your registration has been confirmed by an B2B portal administrator, after Login, it enables you free automatic arranging of B2B meetings with potential business partners whose profiles are located in the upper left corner of the home page, by clicking on “Show all” and “Search”. By clicking “Registration” in the upper right corner of this page, you will be able to register. By click on Login you could sign in, review and change your profile, review other profiles and schedule B2B meetings.  

Detailed instructions how to register, find potential business partners and make a B2B appointment by one click, can be found in the How to register and arrange B2B meetings?. By registering, your business profile is created, which can be changed or supplemented. After this, if you wish to arrange a meeting with potential business partners, Login then browse through the profiles of other participants and with one click make an appointment with those you are interested in.

This way you can increase your efficiency and have an organised agenda with all interesting partners (provided that they have confirmed the meeting) and those interested in you, before coming to the Fair.

Register in time, then Login and make B2B appointment with interesting potential partners before others to ensure you will be included in their schedule. Detailed information can be found How to register and arrange B2B meetings?. On the left side you will find the list of profiles of all potential B2B participants, this year’s exhibitors. After Login exhibitors on home page (upper left corner) could search even more - registered visitors as well as other exhibitors. Visitors could search exhibitors only. Making B2B appointments starts on 08th September, 2014.

- Registration is aimed for the exhibitors and business visitors, i.e. only the legal entities. Individuals cannot be registered on the Portal.
- Data were provided by official appl.forms and catalogues. The data were entered with great attention and care, but we can not guarantee that all the data were correctly entered, meaning that technical non-intentional errors are possiblle, so we do not accept any responsability in relation to this. Exhibitors can edit their own profiles after Login.  Since B2B is about Networking, Exhibitors name, position in company,  company name and business fields, and coop.profiles will be avaliable to all website guests and registered B2B participants. And vice versa, Exhibitors could search profiles of other registered Exhibitors as well as registered Visitors.



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