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How to register and arrange B2B meetings?

B2B meetings lasting 25 minutes are fast and efficient way to personally meet potential business partners at exhibitors’ stands. If you need detailed instructions how to create your profile and arrange your business meeting, you can find it here with the short instructions:

1. Online registration:

Register through this Portal and create your B2B business profile by filling required fields. You can add to your profile a type of technology, products or services you are offering and what kind of collaboration you seek. All profiles are online. Profiles of all registered exhibitors will be available for all Portal visitors. After registering, exhibitors will be able to browse profiles of registered Fair visitors, and vice versa. Profile can be changed or supplemented any time by clicking to “Sign In”. During the registration you will receive a mail notification on the successful registration. If the notification mail is not in your Inbox, check if it was sent to Junk/Spam Folder.

** Registration is aimed for the exhibitors and business visitors, i.e. only the legal entities. Individuals cannot be registered on the Portal.

2. Choose B2B meeting

While registering you should choose an option “We wish to take part in B2B meetings” on your profile, and state your convenient term to arrange a meeting. While creating your profile, it is necessary to indicate as many free terms as possible. 

E-mail notifications

You will receive E-mail confirmation of the terms and locations of the arranged meeting (at your stand or your partner’s stand if so agreed), as well as proposals of other participants to make appointments with you.

3. Choose potential business partners and arrange B2B meetings

Please Login and then go to Home Page and then the List of all registered participants will show up on the left side. By clicking on "Show All" or “Search”->"Advanced" through simple but powerful multi-criteria filter, you will be able to choose participants in selected commodity groups, or activity criteria, supply and demand criteria as well as key words of interest ( product range, activities, name of company, name of contact person).

Profile search is available immediately after the registration, while making appointments starts on 09th September, 2014. Once you’ve found potential business partners, by simply clicking on the green icon “Arrange a meeting” you can make an appointment with them, after which you will receive your E-mail confirmation that the meeting has been accepted. Other participants will be able to make an appointment with you the same way.

You will be able to arrange additional meetings any time after 08th September 2014, untill 21th September 2014, but remember that meetings are made according to the application priority order, so it is important to arrange a meeting before others, since a number of terms is limited.

Several days prior to beginning of the Fair you will receive your final schedule of meetings via E-mail.

4. Payment

Automatic service of B2B meetings organization is free for all registered participants, who received an E-mail confirmation. This service does not include car park fees so all* participants are informed that purchase of car park are obligatory. * Does not refer to the exhibitors with Exhibitor’s Pass.

Automatic service of B2B meetings organization is realized with the software for making appointments but does not include a guarantee that the meeting will be held, due to possible absence of participants or any other reason. Participants are advised to stick to the meeting schedules.

5. Information and assistance 

Should you have any questions or need any assistance with the registration, search of potential business partners and making appointments, please send us your contact info ( company, name and phone numbers) with the brief description of a problem, to the mail address 112expo.b2b@sajam.rs  after which you will soon be contacted



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